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Gary Numan: Listen To My Voice

Gary Numan is widely recognised as being the most important electronic pioneer in music history. Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, hip-hop innovator Afrika Bambaataa, and Oscar winner and Nine Inch Nails auteur Trent Reznor are among legions of musicians who cite his music as having been important in their own evolution. However, Numan’s journey from punky pub performer to Godfather of Electronica hasn’t been a smooth one.

Listen To My Voice chronicles his life as he rises to become the hottest pop star of 1980, retires a year later, falls from favour and hits rock bottom during the 1980s, struggles to regain relevance during the 90s and eventually battles his way back to the top of his game where he remains to this day. For more than four decades Numan has been built up, torn down, praised, ridiculed, buried, resurrected, and ultimately

This is his story, listen to his voice.

I Was A Teenage Rock Fan

I Was A Teenage Rock Fan cover.jpg

Welcome to 1985! Live Aid feeds the world, Marty McFly goes Back To The Future, and fifteen year old Richard Cosgrove makes a discovery that changes his life forever – rock music!


Plunging headlong into a world of tight trousers, big riffs and bigger hair, the author takes us on a funny, informative and at times poignant journey through the eighties rock scene and his quest to become a guitar hero himself.


Along the way he sees landmark early tours by some of the biggest names in rock, falls foul of US border guards at Niagara Falls, narrowly avoids death in a Leicestershire field, and gets caught up in a full scale riot at Rock City.


Part memoir, part social history, I Was A Teenage Rock Fan also recounts the impact of rock music on society as a whole, from the advent of AIDS to the rise of MTV, via Hollywood, the dastardly PMRC and even an Australian soap opera. So grab a beer and tune up your air guitar because this tale goes up to eleven!

Listen To My Voice cover.jpg
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